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Yes, we are here for selling your business at the maximum profit levels for you so that you can invest in some other venture. By selling your business, we mean advertising for it in the best way possible valuing your business on the top, bringing you the best qualified buyers along with the essential and legal documentation.


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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Step by step guide how we help you sell your business

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We appraise your business and provide feedback on the sale price expectations in the current environment. Some clients proceed directly to the sale of their business while others choose to work with us to increase their business value.

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We prepare your business for sale through a 360 degree review and recommendation process, and developing the necessary documentation for marketing and due diligence.

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Your business is marketed on the top business sale websites to reach a wide audience as well as direct to our buyers database and buyer information sessions.

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We work with enquirers to qualify them and then proceed to identify and engage the right potential buyers for your business.

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We negotiate potential buyer’s offers into firm agreements with stipulated terms and conditions.

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We manage the process of settlement, handover and completion with the parties and their representative agents towards a successful conclusion.

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Client Testimonial

  • When I decided to put my business on the market for sale, I had several agents contact me and tell me what they had to offer. Within minutes of meeting Dani, l I knew he was the man for the right deal I was looking for. He told me the exact value for my business and that was equal to the profit I was looking to make for myself. He told me how will he is going to the market work and all the advertising along with the paperwork and within no time I was able to meet the most suitable buyers for my business and then I finally talked to them and made my deal. All the credit goes to DANI. supposed


  • I listed my business for sale and tried to sell it myself on Gumtree for $50,000. After 4 months I decided to call Dani in. He advised I had underpriced my business and should place it on a higher scale and I would make more profit by selling it to the right buyer. He told me that the value of my business was much more and I was surprised and happy at the same that if I could really make that amount of money by selling my business and yeah he proved it right. He did the advertising work along with his team and led me to the finest buyers and yes I was so happy to make a deal well worth having and I am happy I made the relations with such a fine broker. Thanks, Dani for helping me out.


  • I had my business on the market with 3 other brokerages over 3 years without success. One night Dani came into my Café and we were having a general conversation when I asked what should I do about it then he told me the right thing for preparing my business for the right buyer. He told me how will he marketise it under the right value price. He was so confident about his strategy to sell my business and he has so many good buyers and such a reputation that within no time I had my deal done and yes i made a lot of money as well.


Our Team

Our team of professional business sales specialists are all business owners in their own right, and understand the requirement of other business owner.


Dani Rifai has over 20 years’ experience in business and consulting, which is accommodated with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Commerce

Erin #Erin Skinner

Erin Skinner is the administrative assistant at Business Agents, supporting the business brokers to enable them to provide the best level of service in our industry.