Buy A Business

sell business

Step 1. Contact Us.

Get in touch with us so that we can understand what you are looking for in a business.

Step 2. Business Agent Agreement.

We enter a Business Agent agreement with you which allows us to start searching for suitable businesses for you to purchase.

Step 3. Detailed Requirements Analysis.

We analyse and categorise your requirements in a systematic manner so that we can set up a scorecard for prospective businesses' suitability for your requirements.

Step 4. Business Qualification.

We find potential businesses for you and match them against your requirements scorecard. Together we analyse the suitability of the business to your needs and decide on a shortlist with you.

Step 5. Offer and Negotiation.

We forward and negotiate offers with the shortlisted businesses and move forward into firm agreements with stipulated terms and conditions. This process is fully transparent to you.

Step 6. Settlement, Handover and Completion.

We manage the process of settlement, handover and completion with the parties and their representative agents towards a successful conclusion.