Tom Mcdonnell

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tom mThomas McDonnell has a passion for business and finance, which was built from the foundations of his bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce from the University of Newcastle, focusing on Economics, Finance and Management.

Business management and sales is in Toms blood as he has grown up in a family that is successfully running and owning businesses for over 30 years. Growing up in a family that owns and develops businesses has allowed Tom to attain the dedication, work ethic and passion for success, which allows Tom to help clients achieve the best results possible.

Tom has developed a high level of communication and financial skill throughout his study and working career that allows him to understand vendors and buyers’ financial needs which helps achieve the best returns on business sales.

Tom has also partnered up with some of the best business brokers in NSW to ensure that the services provided meet the client’s expectation. Business Agents employs the best sales people with accounting or finance backgrounds to ensure that the negotiation process achieves the best results.

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