Sell A Business

sell business

Step 1. Appraisal.

We appraise your business and provide feedback on the sale price expectations in the current environment. Some clients proceed directly to the sale of their business while others choose to work with us to increase their business value.

Step 2. Preparation.

We prepare your business for sale through a 360 degree review and recommendation process, and developing the necessary documentation for marketing and due diligence.

Step 3. Marketing.

Your business is marketed on the top business sale websites to reach a wide audience as well as direct to our buyers database and buyer information sessions.

Step 4. Buyer Qualification.

We work with enquirers to qualify them and then proceed to identify and engage the right potential buyers for your business.

Step 5. Offer and Negotiation.

We negotiate potential buyer's offers into firm agreements with stipulated terms and conditions.

Step 6. Settlement, Handover and Completion.

We manage the process of settlement, handover and completion with the parties and their representative agents towards a successful conclusion.